Woodford County Tourism Commission is currently seeking an:

Executive Director

The Executive Director shall: (initially a part time position)


  1. Develop and supervise plans to promote Woodford County as a regional visitor’s destination. Work in conjunction with other cities and the Commission to create new tourist programs and publicize the existing tourist attractions.

  2.  Consult with Tourism officials at the state level in elevating Tourism awareness for Woodford County.

  3. Maintain membership in local, state, regional, national and international tourism-related           organizations and attend their respective meetings.

  4. Participate and promote Woodford County as a visitor destination at selected major industry trade shows.

  5. Assist and coordinate local Familiarization Tours (FAM) for tour operators and travel writers, in conjunction with the state Tourism department of the area attractions to generate more interest and travel articles featuring Woodford County. Have verbal and written follow-up communication.

  6. Oversee the production and development of all visitor brochures and literature.

  7. Prepare and distribute yearly Calendar of Events.

  8.  Develop group tour literature and distribute to motor coach tour operators.

  9.  Develop and author articles on Tourism in Woodford County as requested by media and publishers as approved by the board.

  10. Represent the Commission upon request as spokesperson for the Tourism office.

  11. Develop a Woodford County Master Plan in reference to the State Master Plan. Also, establish short term two (2) year and long term five (5) year goals.

  12.  Oversee all bookkeeping and financial records of the Commission. Submit SPGE and other budget reports to State. Review all receipts, bills and request for monies and inform the Chairperson and Treasurer prior to all monthly meetings.

  13. Compile required reports to be submitted to the Commission.

  14. Supervise the day-to-day activities in the Visitor Center(s).

  15. Ensure that all visitors' inquiries from are answered promptly and courteously.

  16. Currently a Part Time position (hours TBD). It is understood, however, that the Executive Director's duties and responsibilities will occasionally require him/her to perform duties on weekends, holidays and evenings. 

  17. Supervise and train all personnel and interns.  Do evaluation for first six months during probationary period, then annually. 

  18. Meet with the Chairperson each month to discuss the monthly agenda.

  19. Establish an in-training guide or program for local hotels, restaurants, gas stations and other tourism-related businesses on area attractions and treatment of tourists.

  20. Conduct ongoing community and public relations with key tourism stakeholders, businesses, and government officials.


Work Environment: Work is typically performed in an office requiring intermittent sitting, standing, or stooping: lifting light objects (<25 pounds).

To Apply:
Please send a resume and cover letter to woodfordcotourism@gmail.com